Do You Need Leveling Blocks for Your RV?

Automotive  ·    Updated October 2019

A properly leveled vehicle means you can fully enjoy cooking or sleeping regardless of how even the parking surface is. Most RV parks today have been pre-leveled, however if you go to state and national parks, you might struggle to find a level parking spot.

Some RVs come with an automatic leveling system. However, if you don't have one, you can still get your RV into an even position. 

Wheel blocks are used to level the vehicle when needed by driving up on them. This is particularly important if you own an RV or 5th wheel.

How to Use Wheel Blocks

Using RV leveling blocks requires some practice to do it efficiently, and is best done with assistance of another person.

Step #1 Turn of the engine and set your parking brake. You should be around two feet from where you want to park.

Step #2 Check the ground to determine how many blocks you will need and on which side.

Step #3 Put your leveling blocks up against the tires you want to lift. 

Step #4 Start your engine, release the brake and drive slowly up the blocks. It helps a lot if you have somebody outside to tell you when to stop.

Step #5 Check if you're level. If not, reverse, adjust the leveling blocks and try again.

Step #6 If you're level, set your parking brake and turn off the engine.


Choosing the Right Leveling Blocks

One of the most popular types are lego-style wheel blocks, which let you stack them to a desired height:


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