How to Buy Wide Angle Lenses

Technology  ·  Guides   Updated September 2019

Wide angle lenses are one of the most popular tools in DSLR photography. Wide lenses have a short focal length, which means the provide a wider field of view. If you like taking photos of tall buildings or shoot indoors, a wide lens allows you to come closer to your subject and fit more into a frame than any other type of lens would.

One of the most popular applications for a wide-angle lens is landscape photography. When we see nature, the image we see is almost 180 degrees wide. Only a super wide angle lens can translate this experience into an image on your camera.

When you are indoors, on the other hand, a wide-angle lens will let you frame your photo without having to back up a few steps. Frequently it will be the only way to take that shot as a wall or another object might prevent you from backing up.

Full-frame and APS-C Lenses

When looking for a wide lens, it is very important that it matches your camera's sensor size. It is possible to use a full-frame lens on a camera with APS-C sensor, but your will only get a "cropped" image from it, effectively losing the widest angle this lens can provide on a full-frame camera.

The price of wide angle lenses, just like with any other type of lens, can vary quite a lot, from inexpensive ones suitable for learning, to more serious that provide almost perfect edge to edge sharpness. Below we listed for you some of the more popular models available today.

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