Best Surge Protectors for Your Motorhome

Automotive  ·  Best Picks   Updated November 2019

Surge protectors (also called surge suppressors) are appliances designed to protect electrical devices from low voltage and especially high voltage events. In an event of a voltage spike, a surge protector tries to limit the voltage delivered to your appliance by blocking or shorting to any voltage above safety level. 

If you travel in your RV or trailer and connect to shore power, you should consider a surge protector to keep your electronics safe.



Progressive Industries EMS-HW30C 30 Amp

EMS-HW30C from Progressive Industries has been designed in the U.S. to protect your RV against difficult power conditions, such as too low or too high voltage (e.g. 240V), revers polarity and open ground.

The unit includes a digital display and weighs just under 3 pounds.

This model offers protection up to 30 Amps. If you need more, scroll down and have a look at EMS-HW50C, also manufactured by Progressive Industries.

    Progressive Industries EMS-HW30C 30 Amp
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