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The flexibility of not being tied to a single place, endless travels and adventures. That's why more and more people decide to leave (or sell) their house and embrace RV lifestyle.

Being able to see that city you always planned to, but never quite found time, or spend winter in a warm climate by the beach, is what not only retirees find appealing. There is plenty of digital nomads out there who travel and work full time via Internet.

Have a look at our list of the best RV blogs and websites below. Are you ready to hit the road and start exploring?


Mike Wendland is an award-winning journalist who travels North America in a motorhome with his wife, Jennifer.

Roadtreking is all about the RV lifestyle, exploration and open road adventure.

In 2012, after years of highly successful career in journalism, Mike decided it was time to really see the country and share their stories with the world.

Still working part time with NBC-TV as a personal technology reporter, he now also runs his RV lifestyle blog with his wife, as well as social media pages and even a podcast.



Gone With the Wynns     Full Time RV Blogs

Jason and Nikki Wynn have been traveling, RVing and now sailing pretty much full time since 2011.

They're not just living their dream, they share their adventures inspiring others to follow their footsteps.

How to travel like a local?

How to wild camp?

How to make money anywhere?

Answers to these and others questions are readily available in their blog posts and videos.

One thing we like in particular is their interactive map of national parks, campgrounds and more.


Long Long Honeymoon     Airstream Blogs

Sean and Kristy are on their "long long honeymoon" to celebrate travel and outdoor adventure.

They got married in the Florida Keys and spend their wedding night in their newly purchased Airstream travel trailer.

They traveled over 100,000 miles and visited 49 States, blogging about their travels, writing articles and shooting video.

Remember to visit their YouTube channel!



Cherie and Chris are true digital technomads, on the road since 2006.

Their motorhome is a 1961 vintage bus, fully converted, owned by a cat (not vice versa ;) and packed with good ideas.

They combine full-time travel across the country with remote work as technology and strategy consultants. (Two Steps Beyond)

Fortunately they still have time and energy to share their experience and advice with you.



RV Love

Marc and Julie are full-time RVers who are living and traveling full time in their RV since 2014.

They visited all of the lower 48 states of the USA, sharing their journey along the way.

They are not retired, they're still working and saving. However, they didn't want to wait until retirement to live the lifestyle they were dreaming of.

If you were thinking that RVing was only for retired people, Marc and Julie will prove you wrong.

On their website you will find plenty of inspiration, useful articles and tips to help you get on the road too.


Kellog Show

The Kellog Family, all 14 (yes, fourteen) of them, live in an RV while traveling across North America.

What started as a vacation began a way of life. Since 2012 they logged over 85,000 miles.

They are not interested in working nine-to-five, living for weekends and those two week vacations.

So they decided to leave behind all they know and follow their adventure-filled dream that inspires them every day. They find their freedom and joy when they're out together - exploring, kayaking, snowboarding, hiking, biking and more.

Their RV is a 36' 1999 Georgie Boy Cruisemaster.


Currently Wandering     Airstream Blogs

The Currens are a family of five traveling in an Airstream. It all started when they went for a house swapping adventure in Virginia.

They simply decided to not go back home.

After 3 months of planning they gave up their house to pursue full time travel in an Airstream.

They have been over 900 days on the road and offer plenty of tips about family travel including preparation, finances, homeschooling and fun activities (hiking etc.)

Don't miss their national park guides and photos!


WatsonsWander     Airstream Blogs

Tim and Amanda have been traveling the U.S. since 2012 in their 25 foot Airstream travel trailer.

In the blog WatsonsWander they share their experiences, adventures and much more.


The Snowmads     Airstream Blogs

Jason and Kristin Snow love to collect experiences instead of things.

They walked away from conventional lives three years ago to traverse North America in their RV.

Without previous RVing experience, they decided to buy and overhaul a 1965 Aistream travel trailer.

As they were rebuilding it, they realized it was much more about building a home than just a short vacation RV.

They found away to make their careers mobile, rented out their house, and hit the road full time.


Roads Less Traveled     Sailing Blogs

Mark and Emily are avid travelers and adventurers who have been traveling full-time in their RV and sailboat.

They started out in a 27' travel trailer, which later they upgraded to a 36' fifth wheel.

Mark grew up in Michigan, Emily in Massachusetts. In May 2007 they decided to leave their comfortable home in Arizona and began their journey.

The stories and photos they share are likely to inspire you to follow your dreams of travel, freedom and adventure.


Drive Dive Devour

Kerensa & Brandon changed their stationary home for a motorhome to explore the US.

They are passionate about finding new places for scuba diving and experiencing the best local food America has to offer.

Living in the NYC/NJ area, they started camping with a pop-up camper to escape the city life.

They thought: "Maybe we could do this full-time?"

After extensive planning and research they left their corporate jobs and became consultants on the road. (

Their current motorhome is a 30ft 2012 Newmar Bay Star.


Nealys on Wheels

Jen and Deas Nealy are traveling all over the country in their RV with 3 dogs.

They offer tips on boondocking, hiking and national parks, and much more.

Their motorhome is a 2010 Tiffin Allegro Red 34QFA.


Live Work Dream

Jim and René live with their dog Jerry in a fifth wheel and have been working from their home on the road since 2007.

In their blog they offer plenty of tips about nomadic lifestyle, as well as an ebook.

Jim and René are true location independent entrepreneurs. They earn money from multiple sources, including workamping, writing, niche blogging and more.

They are open to sharing with you the details, how they've done it, as well as their road experiences to hopefully inspire those dreaming about similar adventures.



RV with Tito

Brian and Melissa bought their RV in 2007 to realize their dream of independence, self-sufficiency and adventure on the open road.

In their first two years they have seen more country than ever before.

Brian loves to tinker, Melissa loves to stay organized, and both of them are wanderlusters.

Together they share their RV experience and tips through their blog and YouTube videos.


Mali Mish     Airstream Blogs

Family of five (plus a cat) are exploring North America full time in an Airstream since 2008.

Marlene homeschools the girls on the road. Dan is a remote web developer, so he is able to work whenever he gets online.

Mali Mish means "Little Mouse" in Croatian and is the name of their 2007 Aistream 25 foot travel trailer. 

On their blog they share plenty of maps and other useful resources.

If you're looking for tips about traveling with trailer and boondocking, head on to Mali Mish.


Outside Our Bubble

Brenda and David are traveling full-time in their motorhome.

They have been traveling since 2008, enjoying meeting many different people along the way.

They started full time RVing in the summer of 2013.

People sometimes give them a strange look, saying "isn't it sad that you don't have a home". To which David and Brenda respond: "We do have a home. It just happens to have wheels" :-)

Check out their Live Cameras!


Ardent Camper

Marie and Josh are true digital nomads.

They sold their house, moved into their RV and are working online full-time while travelling around the USA.

In their blog they share plenty of stories as well as useful tips for anyone willing to see the beautiful outdoors and work on the go.

How can I become a digital nomad?

Read their blog, you'll find the answers.


Love Your RV

Anne and Ray live and travel in their Keystone Cougar fifth wheel.

On their blog you can find many tips, upgrade how-tos, RV product reviews and other useful and fun resources.

The RV story of Ray and Anne started over five years ago when they decided to sell their home and get fifth wheel trailer.

Today they travel full time, going south in the winters and returning to the north for the summer months.

They have seen, and Anne photographed, some of most beautiful landscapes the nature has to offer.

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