Top Deep Cycle Batteries for RV or Travel Trailer

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If you are planning to go on camping trip in your motorhome or to sail to a distant location, having a high quality battery pack is going to be essential. Your vehicle or boat battery will have to be able to power your lights, pumps, heaters and all the electronics you will want to use.

What is a Deep Cycle Battery?

A deep-cycle battery is designed to discharge between 45% and 80% of its capacity, depending on how it has been constructed. In contrast, starter batteries (e.g. car battery) are designed to deliver short, high-current bursts for starting the engine.

Deep cycle batteries are rated in Amp Hours. For example, if a battery is rated at 100 Amp Hours, it means it can deliver 10 Amps for 10 hours (10 x 10), 5 Amps for 20 hours and so on.

AGM & Gel Batteries

The most common deep cycle batteries are based on flooded lead acid and they come in two types: AGM and gel. AGM batteries use a fiberglass mat which is soaked in electrolyte and gel batteries are filled with lead acid in the form of gel. Both of them are leak proof and virtually maintenance free.

How to Choose a Deep Cycle Battery

How you discharge and recharge your battery is directly related to how well and for how long your battery pack will perform. AGM and gel batteries should be discharged only to about 50 percent before recharging them back to 100 percent. You can technically discharge your battery to less than 50 percent, but it will shorten its life expectancy, so you should really avoid it.

Since the batteries are rated in Amp Hours, the main thing to consider when choosing the right one is how many Amp Hours you will actually need. That will depend on your every day power consumption as well as how often can you recharge your battery bank. RV batteries are typically recharged with solar panels, your engine's alternator, portable generators and shore power, if available.

Best Deep Cycle Batteries

Before you do your own research, here we list some of the most interesting products on the market today:

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