How to Pick the Right Camera for YouTube

Technology  ·  Guides   Updated September 2019

Video blogging, or vlogging has become very popular in recent years. While most do it for fun, an increasing number of YouTubers are earning a serious income from their videos.

One thing a vlogger needs to produce high quality footage, is a good camera. Of course you can shoot videos with your smartphone, tablet or laptop, but if you are getting more serious about your work, you might consider other types of cameras as well.

It really depends on what you want to capture and where. For some situations, a light easy-to-carry camera is more important than picture or audio quality. And then there is also a question of your budget.

Below we've listed the types of cameras to help you pick the right one for your needs:

Smartphone Camera

The best thing about smartphone cameras is that you probably own one already. You can start recording and uploading your videos straight away. However, if you care about video quality, you should really think about a dedicated camera for your purpose.


With their superzoom and image stabilization, camcorders are great for taking videos. They are light and fit nicely in your hand, which is important when shooting for a longer time.

Action Cams

Action cameras were designed to be worn or held in extreme situations, such as climbing, diving or racing. They are usually small and rugged, with an array of accessories that helps you to attach or place them exactly where you want. However, they also provide a good video quality, and come with plenty of features. For example, you can usually control them through your smartphone.

Point and Shoot Cameras

Small and easy to use, point and shoot cameras can be a good choice, especially when you're on the budget. One thing to be aware about is that most point and shoots focus on image rather than video capture. If you want a high resolution recording, and a decent sound quality you might want to invest in a more expensive model.

DSLR Cameras

Digital single-lens reflex cameras are among the most popular cameras used by professional vloggers. They offer an excellent image and video quality and allow you to control many things, such as depth of field (blurred backgrounds). The lenses can be changed, and many of them will give an excellent sharpness and performance in low light. On the downside, these cameras tend to be on the heavier side, and are quite expensive, especially with good lenses.

Mirrorless Cameras 

These are relatively new, but they are becoming increasing popular among professional photographers thanks to their small weight and silent operation. Just like in DSLRs, lenses are interchangeable and they offer top quality sensors and extensive control over captured image or video.

Cameras Used by Pros

We did the research and found out that Canon 70D, Canon PowerShot G7X and Sony RX10 are some of the most popular cameras among YouTube vloggers today. Read on to find out more about them.


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