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Airstream is a group of distinctively-shaped travel trailers famous for their polished aluminum finish. The design dates back to 1930s and the rounded shape was to cut down on wind resistance and to increase fuel efficiency.

Today Airsteam trailers and RVs are manufactured in Jackson Center, Ohio. Apart from US models, Aistream also manufacturers smaller trailers for the European market, where roads are narrower.

Airstreamers are a group of RV-ers who share the passion for their travel trailers. Below are listed some of the best Airstream blogs we found.

Long Long Honeymoon

Sean and Kristy are on their "long long honeymoon" to celebrate travel and outdoor adventure.

They got married in the Florida Keys and spend their wedding night in their newly purchased Airstream travel trailer.

They traveled over 100,000 miles and visited 49 States, blogging about their travels, writing articles and shooting video.

Remember to visit their YouTube channel!


Currently Wandering

The Currens are a family of five traveling in an Airstream. It all started when they went for a house swapping adventure in Virginia.

They simply decided to not go back home.

After 3 months of planning they gave up their house to pursue full time travel in an Airstream.

They have been over 900 days on the road and offer plenty of tips about family travel including preparation, finances, homeschooling and fun activities (hiking etc.)

Don't miss their national park guides and photos!



Tim and Amanda have been traveling the U.S. since 2012 in their 25 foot Airstream travel trailer.

In the blog WatsonsWander they share their experiences, adventures and much more.


The Snowmads

Jason and Kristin Snow love to collect experiences instead of things.

They walked away from conventional lives three years ago to traverse North America in their RV.

Without previous RVing experience, they decided to buy and overhaul a 1965 Aistream travel trailer.

As they were rebuilding it, they realized it was much more about building a home than just a short vacation RV.

They found away to make their careers mobile, rented out their house, and hit the road full time.


Mali Mish

Family of five (plus a cat) are exploring North America full time in an Airstream since 2008.

Marlene homeschools the girls on the road. Dan is a remote web developer, so he is able to work whenever he gets online.

Mali Mish means "Little Mouse" in Croatian and is the name of their 2007 Aistream 25 foot travel trailer. 

On their blog they share plenty of maps and other useful resources.

If you're looking for tips about traveling with trailer and boondocking, head on to Mali Mish.

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